Salix triandra ‘Black Maul’

triandra = 3 stamens  Maul = malleable

Almond-leaf Willow

‘Black Maul’ is one of the top willows in European basketry. Triandra is a robust, bushy shrub or small tree to 30ft. The young stems are shiny dark maroon-black and the foliage is typical willow-shaped, the leaves are 3-6” slightly furry at first but later smooth and shiny. It has great autumn color! The female catkins appear with the leaves and mature at 2-3in. Dried rod color: light olive green

USES: as an ornamental shrub; useful for hedging; a valuable basketry willow; useful for living structures. Best if coppiced to produce the long, straight rods.

I had an answer to the following question!

I am curious about the name 'Black Maul' as I cannot imagine where the "Maul" part came from. Can anyone enlighten me? I know it's German for mouth, is a heavy tool, even part of the male anatomy; it is also used as a verb to describe an agressive or non-aggressive coming-together of people and animals. It was suggested that another meaning for maul is malleable; which very much applies to the suppleness of 'Black Maul'. Sounds good to me!

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Female catkins appear on short growths in early summer.

One of the characteristics of S. triandra.

The Wonderful World of Willows

Vermont Willow Nursery

$14.50 per bundle of 5

'Black Maul' is one of the favorite willows for rods in Europe; here it is with one of the Curly Willows

Below are young plants in the nursery from cuttings stuck in May and photographed in September 2014.

Straight dark burgundy red stems in summer, darker in winter and when dried for basketry. Clean, green foliage with stipules at the base of the petioles.

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