CODE              NAME              

IRROR    S. irrorata (Blue-stem Willow)   Native                           

                 showy powdery white winter stems, cut stems, basketry

IRRVB     S. irrorata 'Violet Beauty' Native     

                 violet stems turning white, red flower buds

KOREE     S. koreensis (Korean Willow)

                    a handsome tree with lovely leaves and bark; basketry?

KORHA    S. koreensis ‘Hakuro’ (Yellowleaf Korean Willow)             

                  early pale yellow leaves, hedges, specimen plant

KORIY    S. koriyanagi (Korean Willow)

                   clouds of gray catkins in late Winter, great for fine basketry

KORRU   S. koriyanagi ‘Rubykins’ (Rubykins Willow)                                          

                  slender cut stems, living structures, basketry

LICWH    S. x ‘Licorice Whip’      N/A 2021                                                

                  cut stems, small living structures, basketry

LUCID     S. lucida (Shiny Willow)    Native                                          

                  glossy leaves, can grow in very wet places, living structures, basketry

MEYER     S. x meyeriana (pentandra x fragilis) (Hybrid Bay or Laurel Willow)  

                    a hybrid willow with very large, very shiny leaves, naturalized in N. America

MEYPL     S. x meyeriana ‘Patent Lumley’ (Hybrid Bay Willow selection)      

                  glossy leaves, a USDA selection of thus vigorous hybrid, living structures

MEYSL      S. x meyeriana 'Silver Lake' (Prairie Reflection® Laurel Willow) Patented!       

                    Developed at the North Dakota USDA office for hardiness and beauty

MIYAB     S. miyabeana  (Japanese Willow)                          

                 very vigorous grower--our fastest/tallest growing variety, bright green stems

                  living structures, biomass  

MIYAS      S. miyabeana Arnold Select (Arnold Arboretum) Japanese Willow     

                    this vigorous male selection is unusual in that it has dark stems after coppicing

MIYSX64   S. miyabeana SX64  (Japanese Willow)

                   a very attractive large shrub in all seasons, colorful in winter,

                  showy male catkins in very early spring and attractive foliage all summer              

MYRIC     S. myricoides (Blue-leaf Willow, Bayberry Willow)  Native

                 a native willow that makes a delightful specimen shrub

MYRICB     S. myricoides 'Bronze Beauty'   Native     

                   our selection or hybrid of this native willow with bronze new growth

MYRGR      S. myrsinifolia (Green Myrsine-leaf Willow)

                   a compact shrub with small, almost round leaves

MYRBL      S. myrsinifolia ‘Blackskin’  (Blackskin Willow)                                               

                     attributes: living structures, basketry, one of the blackest of all willows

NIGRA      S. nigra (Black Willow)  Native                                          

                  one the largest North American willows, biomass, firewood, river-bank restoration.

NIPPO       S. nipponica (Japanese Willow)     

                    an exquisitely beautiful species with elegant leaves and white stems

PELLIT      S. pellita (Satin Willow)  Native       

                    a vigorous growing shrub with long wide leaves that are silvery white underneath.

PENBL     S. x pendulina f. pendulina 'Blanda' Thurlow or Green Weeping Willow       

                   an all green weeping willow, with long elegant tresses down to the ground

PENERY     S. xpendulina f. Erythroflexuosa  (Red Curly Willow)

                  great long-lasting red cut stems, exceptionally ornamental tree, unique parentage

PENCA    S. xpendulina f. Erythroflexuosa ‘Caradoc’ (Yellow Curly Willow)                         

                  yellow-orange curly stems, upright specimen tree   

PENGC     S. xpendulina f. Erythroflexuosa 'Golden Curls' (Golden Curly Willow)  

                    A weeping form of Curly Willow, great specimen, especially by water.

PENST    S. xpendulina f. Erythroflexuosa 'Sunny Twist' (Sunny Twist Curly Willow)

                 honey-colored, upright curly willow hybridized at SUNY Syracuse, NY

PENSS     S. xpendulina f. erythroflexuosa ‘Swizzle Sticks’ (Curly Willow)

                   Dropped as it is too disease prone in the Northeast.

PESCH     S. x pendulina f. salamonii ‘Chrysocoma’ (Golden Weeping Willow)                

                  the most common golden weeping willow, basketry

PENSC        S. x pendulina 'Prairie Cascade' Prairie Cascade Willow (pentandra X x pendulina )

                 Dropped. Too disease prone in the Northeast!!

PETIO     S. petiolaris  (Slender or Meadow Willow)  Native

                    native willow that provides grazing for deer and beavers, rods for weaving

PIEROT    S. pierotii (White Chinese Willow)           

                    an ornamental tree from East Asia with whitish bark that flakes as it matures

PINKDE   S. 'Pink Delight' ('Americana' x eleagnos v. angustifolia) (Hybrid Willow)

                    A new hybrid with characteristics of both parents; good for basketry

PURPUR     S. purpurea (Purple Willow)   

               This is a male selection of the wild Purple Willow from Europe.

PU187     S. purpurea #187  (Purple Willow)                             

                  deer resistant, living structures, fine basketry

PURBL    S. purpurea ‘Bleu’   (aka 'Purple Dicks')                         

                  living structures, fine basketry, the most beautiful purpurea variety of all!

PURDD    S. purpurea ‘Dark Dicks’   (Purple Willow)     

                 deer resistant, living structures, fine basketry

PURDM    S. purpurea ‘Dicky Meadows’                                     

                  deer resistant, living structures, fine basketry

PUREUG    S. purpurea 'Eugene'                                  

                  deer resistant, living structures, fine basketry

PURFC     S. purpurea 'Fish Creek'       Patented!

               The most vigorous purpurea ever developed; biofuels, structures.

PURGO     S. purpurea 'Goldstones'       

                   deer resistant, living structures, fine basketry, bright green stems dried.

PURGR    S. purpurea ‘Gracilis’ (‘Nana’)      (Arctic or Dwarf Purple Willow)                             

                  attractive dwarf shrub, deer resistant, small structures, fine basketry

PURGD    S. purpurea ‘Green Dicks’                                  

                  deer resistant, living structures, fine basketry

PURHOL  S. purpurea 'Holland'      selected in New Zealand from plants from the Netherlands

                 another vigorous variety, developed for biofuel and soil erosion.

PURIR     S. purpurea ‘Irette’                                               

                 deer resistant, living structures, fine basketry

PURJA     S. purpurea 'Jagiellonka'       

                  this is a Polish selection known for its vigorous growth and long staright stems.

PURLAM   S. purpurea 'Lambertiana'                       

                Simply the best willow for restoring banks of rivers, streams and lakes.

                 The most pest and disease resistant Salix purpurea we grow.

PURLED   S. purpurea 'Leicestershire Dicks'       

                  A bushy selection with fine dark red twigs, exceptional when poking out of snow    

PURLD     S. purpurea 'Light Dicks'       

                Paler stems than the species in their second year. Great basketry willow.

PURMU    S. purpurea ‘Multinervis’                                            

                  deer resistant, living structures, fine basketry

PURNS    S. purpurea ‘Nancy Saunders’                            

                  Very fine branches with red twigs, deer resistant, living structures, fine basketry.

PUROK    S. purpurea ‘Oka’                                                  

                  deer resistant, small living structures, fine basketry

PURPT    S. purpurea ‘Packing Twine’                                          

                  perhaps the best willow for fine basketry, very slender rods, deer resistant

PURPE     S. purpurea ‘Pendula’ (Weeping purple Willow)  

                 deer resistant, one of the best small weeping trees

PURPD    S. purpurea ‘Purple Dicks’ see S. purpurea 'Bleu'

PURSE     S. purpurea var. sericea     (Silky Purple Willow)

                    a compact growing shrub, makes a great hedge for a small garden.

PURST    S. purpurea ‘Streamco’                                         

                  stream-bank restoration, deer resistant, fine basketry

PURVR    S. purpurea 'Vermont Red'      

                    A selection from the USDA that we named for its dark red stems and young twigs

PUXKO     S. purpurea x koriyanagi      Patented!  

                   East meets West in this vigorous, virtually pest free hybrid.

PUXMI     S. purpurea x miyabeana 'Millbrook'    Patented!  

               this superb hybrid has the vigour of S. miyabeana and the deer resistance of S. purpurea.

PYRIF      S. pyrifolia (Balsam Willow)   Native  

                    a choice native willow with showy foliage and abundant flowers

RABFT      S. 'Rabbit's Foot'  (Rabbit's Foot Willow)  

                    This selection of 'Winter Glory' has male catkins that look like Rabbit's Feet!

                    Found by Julia Kuzovkina at Klyn's Nursery in Ohio; Klyn's kindly shared cuttings!

REINI      S. reinii  Reins Willow  

                  compact growing shrub, great for a small garden, rock garden in very lean soil.

REPAR    S. repens 'Arenaria' (Silver Creeping Willow)  

                  rock gardens, front of mixed borders, containers

RORID    S. rorida (Pink Willow for the pink buds in Autumn)       

               a very ornamental selection with very long-lasting male flowers, yellow fall color

RBRHA    S. x rubra ‘Harrisons’                                            

                  structures, coarse basketry  

RBRHB    S. x rubra ‘Harrisons B'                                         

                  structures, fine basketry

SCHWE    S. schwerinii   (Schwerin's Willow)                                                     

                  one of the best for living structures, coarse basketry, biomass,

                  consistently produces very long rods.

SERICEA    S. sericea (Silky Willow)   Native

                    native willow, good grower in wet areas, upright grower

SERISS    S. serissima (Autumn Willow)    Native     N/A 2021

                    a native willow with glossy leaves and female flowers that mature in Autumn!

SMITH     S. x smithiana  (caprea x viminalis) Smith's Willow                                            

                  living structures, coarse basketry, cut stems in late winter, biofuels

SUCHO    S. suchowensis (Suchow Willow)          

                 A great willow for living structures with longer slender rods.

TENUI     S. tenuijulis (Narrow-catkin willow)       

                    long slender rods, for small structures and probably great for basketry

THAGUE   S. 'The Hague' (gracilistyla x caprea)                             

                  cut stems with large flowers, living structures, female clone

TRIBH      S. triandra 'Black Hollander'      

                 living structures, fine basketry, showy male flowers         

TRIBM     S. triandra ‘Black Maul’   (Almond Willow) N/A 2021

                 basketry, living structures

TRIBG     S. triandra ‘Black Maul’ x ‘Grisette Noir’                    

                  living structures, fine basketry

TRINV     S. triandra ‘Noir de Villaines'   N/A 2021                                    

                  living structures, fine basketry

TRIWH    S. triandra ‘Whissender                                    

                  living structures, coarse basketry, abundant male flowers

UDENS    S. udensis  Uden Willow (Siberia) Forms an upright bush that is 6ft high in its 2nd year.


UDESE     S. udensis ‘Sekka’ (Dragon-tail Willow)                                

                  cut stems for Ikebana flower arrangements, prolific flower producer.

VIMBA     S. viminalis 'Bowhayes Strain A' (Osier Willow)

                             we finally have Osiers that grow well for us! Great for structures and fences.

VIMBM     S. viminalis 'Bowhayes Strain male (Osier Willow)

                              This is a male selection of Strain A

VIMBOW   S. viminalis 'Bowles Hybrid' (Hybrid Osier Willow)  

                    this hybrid produces the heaviest, strongest rods of all our varieties

WINGL    S. 'Winter Glory' (gracilistyla x caprea)  (Giant Pussy Willow)

                  formerly erroneously called S. chaenomeloides                             

                  abundant male flowers, cut stems, living structures, coarse basketry, deer resistant,

                  probably the best all purpose willow we offer.  

WINGR     S. ‘Winter Green’                                 

                 long straight rods, one of the best for living structures, brilliant green in winter  

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For a cross reference to Willow Common Names click here: Common Names

Why We Use Scientific Names?

In different parts of the country and different parts of the world common names for plants differ which causes confusion. Scientific or Latin names are standard wherever you go. Not all plants have common names, but they all have scientific names!

CODE              NAME                              

ACUTI     S. acutifolia (Sharp-leaf Willow)

                  winter color, cut stems, showy silver female flowers, yellow fall color     

ACUBS    S. acutifolia ‘Blue Streak’ (Sharp-leaf Willow)  

                  winter color, cut stems, showy silver male flowers, yellow fall color

ALBA      S. alba  (White Willow)

                  a large imposing tree, coarse basketry, living structures

ALBCA    S. alba var. caerulea (Cricket Bat Willow)                      

                 large bluish-leaved tree, rich green stems, used to make cricket bats!

ALBSE     S. alba var. sericea (Silver Willow)                                          

                 gray summer foliage, plant supporting twigs

ALBSI      S. alba ‘Silver Column’  (Upright Silver Willow)                           

                 silver-gray foliage, upright habit

ALBSTO   S. alba 'St Oedenrode' (Upright White Willow)  

                  the narrowest upright Willow we've encountered

AMERI     S. 'Americana' (eriocephala x petiolaris)   Native

               a legendary basketry variety with red stems when dried, this is the "true" 'Americana'

AMYGD    S. amygdaloides (Peach Leaf Willow)  Native

                  Native species, exceptionally elegant foliage

AQUGG    S. 'Aquatica Gigantea Germany'   (Hybrid Willow)     

                  the female selection of the 'Korso' Willow with the same qualities

AQUGK    S. 'Aquatica Gigantea Korso’     (Korso Willow)                                   

                  large showy male pussy willows, vigorous, great for large structures and biofuels

AURVIM   S. aurita x viminalis  (Hybrid European Willow)  

                  often found in Europe wherever these two species are growing together

                  a vigorous, upright growing willow with ling green female flowers

BABYO     S. babylonica 'Oberli'  (Oberli Weeping Willow) The hardiest selection of this species

                     ever offered in North America. From Nepal.  N/A 2021

BABTO    S. babylonica f. Tortuosa (Dragons-claw Willow)  

                    the original curly willow with dark stems and branches  

BABDS    S. babylonica f. Tortuosa ‘Dart's Snake’   (Snake Willow)                 

                  jade-green curly stems for cutting for vases and outdoor containers.

BABNA    S. babylonica f. Umbraculifera 'Navajo' (Globe Willow)

                  makes a great specimen plant and a wonderful tree to picnic under.     

BALFO     S. x balfourii   (Balfour Willow)  

               a really choice ornamental shrub with abundant flowers and silver gray leaves.

BANK   S. 'Bankers' (myricoides x eriocephala?) Native    

                    a densely growing selection of native willows, with bright green foliage.

BEBBI     S. bebbiana (Bebb’s, Diamond or Beaked Willow)  Native N/A 2021  

                  grows in wet soils, handsome ornamental, basketry,

                  native to New England and most of Northern USA, Southern Canada

CALLI     S. x calliantha (Beautiful Willow) purpurea x daphnoides                           

                  living structures, basketry

CALOD    S. x calodendron (caprea x cinerea ssp. oleifolia x viminalis)  

                 a female tribrid that is very vigorous with rich, dark green foliage; biofuel                                     

CANDM    S. candida  Male (Sageleaf Willow)    Native     

                 rock gardens, containers, mixed ornamental borders, male selection with pink catkins

CANGN   S. candida 'George Newman' (Sageleaf Willow) Native

                 an outstanding selection with almost white furry leaves, female selection

CAPRE    S. caprea  (Pussy Willow or Goat Willow)  

                  cut stems for forcing, ornamental shrub

CAPLI      S. caprea ‘Lemoine’s Improved’ (Lemoines Pussy Willow)

                  a selection with abundant catkins on vertical stems

CAPOG    S. caprea ‘Ogon’ (Gold-leaf Pussy Willow)    N/A 2021      

                  bright yellow leaves, cut stems, excellent small tree

CAPPK     S. caprea ‘Pendula Kilmarnock’ (Weeping Goat Willow)  

                  grows prostrate on the ground, showy catkins very early

CAPRO    S. caprea ‘Rosea’ (Pink Pussy Willow)

                  pink flowered version of the European Goat Willow

CAPSEL     S. caprea 'Smart Select' (Pussy Willow or Goat Willow)    

                    a selection with many more flowers per stem, great for cut stem production

CAPCIN    S. 'S365' SHOWTIME (caprea x cinerea?)  (Hybrid Pussy Willow)  

                    a hybrid with an exuberance of showy male flowers, great for cut stems!

CAROL     S. caroliniana (Carolina Willow) Native  

                  an elegant native willow, with arching branches and showy yellow male catkins              

CHAEN      chaenomeloides  (Giant Pussy Willow) A botanical detective story!                                

                  see S. 'Winter 'Glory'

CINER     S. cinerea (Gray Willow)

                  smothered in catkins in late winter, striking gray trunk and branches

CORDA    S. cordata (Heartleaf Willow)  Native

                  a good, slow-growing garden shrub, native to New England

DAPCO    S. daphnoides ‘Continental Purple’      (Violet Willow)                         

                  living structures, basketry

DAPOU    S. daphnoides ‘Ovaro Udine'    (Violet Willow)                                  

                  living structures, basketry, some of the longest rods I’ve grown

DAPOV    S. daphnoides ‘Oxford Violet’                                        

                  gray stems in winter, living structures, basketry

DAPRR     S. daphnoides 'Red Rocket'  (Red-stem Violet Willow)

                  a vigorous, upright growing selection with red stems that often have a white "bloom".

DASYC     S. xdasyclados see S. gmelinii

DISCO     S. discolor (American Pussy Willow)   Native                         

                  early cut flowers, native to New England (wild collected on our property)

DISCUS    S. discolor USDA Select    Native

                 a selection of the native Pussy Willow with an extraordinary amount of flowers per stem

EHRAH     S. x ehrhartiana  (alba x pentandra)                             

                  large tree with handsome rich red stems; cut stems, living structures

ELAAN     S. eleagnos f. angustifolia  [aka ‘Rosmarinifolia’] (Rosemary Willow)           

                 choice compact shrub with great autumn color

ERIOC      S. eriocephala (Erect or Missouri Willow)   Native

                 grows in wet/regular soils, cut stems, basketry, native to New England

ERIAM      S. eriocephala 'American MacKay'     Native

                   used extensively in basket making

ERIRU      S. eriocephala ‘Russelliana'   Native                                      

                  living structures, basketry, ornamental: beautiful red new growth

ERIS25    S. eriocephala 'S25' VIGORELLA (Erect or Missouri Willow)  Native

                 An extraordinarily vigorous hybrid of two selections of this native species

EUXBU      S. euxina 'Bullata' (Domed Crack Willow)       

                   a superb specimen tree with a rounded top.

EXIGU     S. exigua (Coyote Willow) Native              N/A 2020/21

                   the Western US equivalent of S. interior, great for sandy soils and soil conservation.       

FRAGI      S. x fragilis (Crack Willow) (alba x euxina) formerly S. xrubens

                  a very vigorous willow,  makes a fine specimen tree.

FRAFU      S. x fragilis 'Furcata'  New for 2021

               the most unusual catkins of any willow we offer!

FRAVLA    S. x fragilis ‘Laurina’      red stems      N/A 2020/21                         

                  structures, coarse basketry, winter color

FRARA     S. x fragilis ‘Raesfeld’   N/A 2020/21                                                     

                       winter color, coarse basketry

FRARC     S. x fragilis 'River Cloud' (Cloud Willow)       

                 a beautiful round-headed tree, a great specimen for dry or damp climates

FRVIT      S. x fragilis f. Vitellina (Gold-stem Willow)                    

                  yellow winter color, rods for structures

                  The yellow stems of this selection produced all other willows with yellow stems

FRVAU  S. x fragilis f. Vitellina 'Aurea' (Gold-leaf Willow)  

                  Leaves of bright golden yellow, slower growing than most

FRVBA    S. x fragilis f. Vitellina 'Basfordiana'  yellow stems      )       

                  structures, winter gardens, coarse basketry, cut stems  

FRVBR  S. x fragilis f. Vitellina ‘Britzensis’  (Red-stem Willow)                                  

                  tall erect tree, reddest willow we offer, winter color  

FRVBO   S. x fragilis f. Vitellina ‘Bouton Aigu’   red stems                                   

                  structures, winter color, coarse basketry       

FRVCA    S. x fragilis f. Vitellina 'Cardinal' (Cardinal Willow)       

                   this is a female selection similar to the male 'Britzensis', but a darker red

FRVCH    S. x fragilis f. Vitellina ‘Chermesina’ (White Willow)  

                  red winter color, coarse basketry, tall slender tree,

                  a good substitute for disease-prone Lombardy Poplar.

FRVFR     S. x fragilis f. Vitellina ‘Flame' red (Red Flame Willow)                                                         

                  orange red winter color, the shortest growing of its type  

FRVFY     S. x fragilis f. Vitellina 'Flame Yellow' (Yellow Flame Willow)       

                    similar to the above, but with brilliant yellow stems  

FRVFRE    S. x fragilis f. Vitellina ‘Flanders Red’   red stems          

                 winter color, coarse basketry       

FRVFRO    S. x fragilis f. Vitellina ‘Fransgeel Rood’  red stems                             

                  structures, coarse basketry, winter color

FRVGW   S. x fragilis f. Vitellina ‘Golden Willow’    yellow stems                                        

                  structures, winter color, basketry  

FRVHYB   S. x fragilis f. Vitellina ‘Hutchinson's Yellow Bark’  yellow stems                             

                  structures, coarse basketry, winter color  

FRVJF    S. x fragilis f. Vitellina ‘Jaune de Falaise’    yellow stems                          

                  structures, coarse basketry, winter color

FRVROA    S. x fragilis f. Vitellina ‘Rouge Ardennais’   orange stems                        

                  structures, coarse basketry, winter color     

GILGI      S. gilgiana (Gilg’s Willow)  

GLABRA   S. glabra (Smooth Willow)  

                      a compact shrubby willow with masses of male flowers in early spring

GMELI     S. gmelinii (Hairy Willow) formerly S. xdasyclados

                  living structures, basketry, riverbank restoration

GRACI     S. gracilistyla (Rose-gold Willow)                               

                  beautiful bicolor catkins, cut stems

GRAME    S. gracilistyla ‘Melanostachys’ (Black Pussy Willow)       

                  unusual black catkins, cut stems, small-border shrub

GRAMT     S. gracilistyla ‘Mt Aso’ (Pink Pussy Willow)              

                  beautiful pink flowers, cut stems, ornamental shrub, basketry

HARBR     S. 'Harrison's Brown'  

                    a vigorous selection with long straight rods, for living structures or coarse basketry

HOLOS     S. x holosericea (cinerea x viminalis)

                    very vigorous willow, suitable for large structures and biomass

HUMIL      S. humilis (Prairie Willow)  Native                                       

                 stream-bank restoration, basketry, native to New England

HYBLG      S. hybrid SV1 'Lady in Green'

                (Hybrid Willow) (caprea x cinerea x viminalis?)  

                 a hybrid developed for biofuel production, very vigorous grower

INTEG      S. integra  (Smooth Willow)    

                    this is the parent of the showy cultivars below; makes a showy upright tree

INTHN     S. integra ‘Hakuro Nishiki’ (Dappled Willow)                   

                  showy white dappled foliage, hedges, basketry, pollard as a standard

INTPE      S. integra 'Pendula' (Weeping Smoothleaf Willow)

                    a great weeping plant and groundcover.

INTER      S. interior (Sandbank Willow) Native

                  use only for bank restoration for streams, rivers and lakes. Bees love it.

                  spreads from shoots developing along the roots, makes great long slender rods

INTSF     S. interior 'Filigree' (Filigree Sandbar Willow)  Native

                a very fine-leafed version I found by a path in Tennessee. It too spreads!

INTxER   S. interior x eriocephala (Hybrid Native Willow)

               this hybrid was created to plant on coal waste heaps to absorb poisonous chemicals

               it's also a neat ornamental plant to boot! This is a non-spreading hybrid.

NB: the abbreviation f. is for forma, a scientific word for a "form"; important in taxonomy

      the abbreviation x represents that this is a hybrid.

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