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The Wonderful World of Willows

Vermont Willow Nursery

Salix triandra 'Noir de Villaines'

triandra = 3 stamens

A French basketry Willow that grows 6-8ft in one season after coppicing; one of the most vigorous and stocky of triandra selections. Like other triandras, it breaks dormancy later than many other species, thus extending the flowering season for willows which makes it useful for beekeepers. It is a male selection and has 2-3in long slender yellow catkins. The young stems are dark reddish-brown to dark chocolate colored. If left to become a tree, the bark peels in interesting patterns with cinnamon coloring. The leaves are finely toothed, dark green and shiny on the upper surface and pale green on the under side. They are also darker and rounder that of the selections. Also has good yellow autumn colors. Dried rod color: mottled dark green to dark brown

USES: A very useful basketry variety and it is said that for basketry it is better peeled than leaving the bark on. Can also be used for small living structures.

Masses of young male catkins apear in early May providing lots of pollen for hungry bees!

Opening catkins left and mature catkins right.

we will add photos of the leaves in summer

$14.50 per bundle of 5

not available at this time