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The Wonderful World of Willows

Vermont Willow Nursery

Salix triandra ‘Black Hollander’

triandra = 3 stamens

Almond-leaf Willow

NEW in 2017

Triandra is a robust, bushy erect shrub or small tree to 30ft. The young stems start green but turn shiny dark maroon-black in winter. The foliage is typical willow-shaped, leaves are reddish at first, 3-6in long, slightly furry, but later smooth and shiny with serrated edges. It has great autumn color! The lovely bright yellow male catkins appear with the leaves and mature at 2-3in. It tolerates damper conditions than most willows and as such it is often grown on stream or river banks. Dried rod color: light olive green

USES: as an ornamental shrub; useful for hedging; a valuable basketry willow.

$14.50 per bundle of 5

Buds are bursting along the stems in

Mid April.

Leaves and catkins are opening at the same time in early May

In early May the male catkins open and are usually swarming with bees!

Early May and the bushes are laden with masses of yellow male catkins.