Salix x rubra ‘Harrisons B’

purpurea x viminalis

rubra = red

Rubra is a natural hybrid found in many locations in the UK and throughout Europe where the two species grow near each other. It produces a tall shrub or small tree 10-20ft high. Many selections have been made and as the rods are long and flexible they have been used for 100’s of years for basketry. All rubras have green undersides to the leaves.  ‘Harrisons B’ has thicker stems and larger leaves than 'Harrisons'. They are both very vigorous growers for us in VT and make lots of rods from very dense stools (the term for coppiced willows). Hardy to at least Zone 4.

USES: small ornamental tree; coarse basketry and living structures

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Fertilized female catkins. Early May.

Stems start green turn red, then brown, then green again. They make lots of rods. Early May.

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Female catkins with stigmas awaiting pollen!

Leaves are a rich green, have tiny stipules at the base of the leaf petioles.

Stems turn bright red at first. Early May.

Leaves are tinged red at first like so many willows, then soon turn green. Early May.

Fresh young female catkins appear on short growths. Early May.