Salix 'Rabbit's Foot'

(gracilistyla x caprea = Salix x leucopithecia)

Rabbit's Foot Willow

This is an extraordinary selection of Salix x leucopithecia 'Winter Glory' with larger, rabbit's foot shaped catkins. It was found and named by Dr. Julia Kuzovkina at Klyn Nurseries Inc., in Perry Ohio. Bill Hendricks, the owner of Klyn's, kindly shared cuttings with me in March 2016; they rooted well and grew lustily so now we can offer them for sale. It has all the other great attributes of Salix 'Winter Glory': namely free-flowering, very early male flowers and attractive foliage. I'll get photos of the foliage and catkin buds, this spring and summer. Hardy to Zone 4.

USES: a superb cut stem, one suggestion: when they are fully expanded to the look you want do not put in water and they will last for years. I have one pussy willow that looks the same as when I brought it in six years ago (OK, the catkins are a little dusty)!

more photos and text to come!

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The Wonderful World of Willows

Vermont Willow Nursery

This is why this was called 'Rabbit's Foot'. Cutest willow we offer, kids will love it.

$14.50 per bundle of 5