Salix purpurea ‘Streamco’

purpurea = purple

Streamco Willow

‘Streamco’ is a male clone selected by the USDA in Big Flats, NY from a naturalized stand of Salix purpurea. It was chosen for the purpose of protecting and renovating streambanks. It is a densely stemmed bush that does not sucker, but will self-layer. It will grow 6-8ft tall if left unpruned. The fine stems are purple at first and mature to gray; the leaves are bluish green and silver-gray underneath. Hardy to Zone 3.

OTHER USES: Has as been found to be useful as a living snow fence if planted densely. Deer won't eat it and like many of the S. purpurea selections it can also be made into wattles for fences as well as fine basketry. The thin whips can also be used like string to tie up woody vines.

For more information on 'Streamco' click this link:

A USDA Natural Resource Conservation Services image illustrating the purpose for which ‘Streamco’ was developed.

'Streamco' puts on quite show when the male catkins strut their stuff.

Look at those long slender rods, great for basketry!

below: more studies of the catkins at different stages!

Above three images courtesy of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources

and the USDA.

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The male catkins of 'Streamco' in various stages of development.

Cute for a shrub that was developed for practical reasons. Govt's not so bad sometimes!

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Coppiced plants are much more vigorous

and have larger leaves than unpruned ones.