Salix purpurea 'Nancy Saunders'

Purple Willow

NEW FOR 2019

I first saw this delightful selection in a charming English nursery: Pan-Global Specialty Plants in Gloucestershire and founded by Nick Macer. Nick very kindly allowed me to wander around his nursery and garden to photograph anything I wanted. The photo of Salix exigua was taken in his garden as well a the photos shown here. 'Nancy Saunders' is a very ornamental female clone with many slender scarlet-red glossy rods in summer. The rods are said to dry to gray-green. Leaves are narrow blue-green above, glaucous underneath. We received our cutting from the lovely people at Dunbar Gardens, Mt Vernon, WA in trade for cutting of our 'Vermont Red'. She hasn't flowered for us yet, but as soon as she does I will post the photos. Hardy to Zone 4.


Superb for fine-basketry.

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The Wonderful World of Willows

Vermont Willow Nursery

$14.50 per bundle of 5

The vivid red stems of 'Nancy Saunders are really striking.

All these photos were taken in England.


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