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Salix purpurea 'Multinervis'

purpurea = purple     multinervis = many nerves (in leaves)

Purple Willow

This is a very vigorous-growing male purpurea variety that we received under this name early in our history. It's really great, after coppicing it produces long straight rods 8-12ft tall. In botanical literature there is listed a Salix multinervis as a synonym for S. integra. Mine is definitely a purpurea variety so we really don't know what selection this really is! Whatever it is, it’s a great variety and more robust than most purpureas. Hardy to USDA Zone 3.

USES: As an ornamental shrub or as a screen where it’s density will hide unwanted views or, if planted densely, keep out deer. Best if coppiced every year or two.

The clean foliage of Multinervis with prominent veins.

Shown on 1in graph paper for scale.

The Wonderful World of Willows

Vermont Willow Nursery

$14.50 per bundle of 5

Large male catkins are a feature of this selection in Late April

Long, straight, vigorous, unbranched rods make this a very useful basketry willow in mid August.

The plant label at left is 3ft tall.

.Details of young growth, bluish-green on top and green underneath. Late July.

Pollen has exploded out of the anthers changing red to yellow! Early May.

Can anyone identity the cluster of tiny bugs on the stem by the catkin?

Early May.

Red anthers have escaped from their winter home! Early May.

Foliage shown on 1/4" graph paper to show the size of the leaves.

Mid June.