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Salix purpurea ‘Irette’

purpurea = purple

Irette Purple Willow

Despite its name, ‘Irette’ is a male selection that forms an upright, non-spreading large shrub 10-15ft tall. This selection has extremely slender, flexible stems that are lighter colored than other purpurea varieties; ideal for basketry and small living or dried structures. It is very useful for riverbank erosion control due to its dense root mass and flexibility when flooded. Responds well to being well-watered during dry weather. Best if coppiced every year or two. Hardy Zone 3. Dried rod color: light brown

USES: fine basketry, objet d’art, living fences, Harlequin Trees, stream-bank restoration, deer fences.

'Irette' has some of the most slender of all Willows and, as you can see, produces masses of rods.

They're leaning away from taller willows to the South in the nursery; time to move them to more light!

The Wonderful World of Willows

Vermont Willow Nursery

$14.50 per bundle of 5

A young plant in the Chicago BG with a few flowers at the tips of the twigs.

Unlike other purpureas, 'Irette' has mostly green foliage and stems that start green, turn yellowish-green and in winter yellowish-orange.

Catkins are produced alternately or opposite on warm brown stems.

Catkins burst out of the red bud scales and are grayish-silver at first,

they will turn yellow when the anthers open!

Gray catkins in abundance on long, slender honey-blond rods.