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The Wonderful World of Willows

Vermont Willow Nursery

Salix xpendulina f. erythroflexousa 'Golden Curls'

S. babylonica f. tortuosa’ x S. x fragilis f. vitellina  

babylonica = named by Linnaeus,

(who thought that this species was from Babylon)

Golden Curly Weeping Willow

'Golden Curls' is a female selection of this highly variable species. Unlike some other curly willows this has a definite weeping habit, but it weeps with very curly golden-red twigs not straight down like the Golden Weeping Willow. We've had this plant for several years and weren't sure whether to list it or not, but finally we realized that this weeping habit was unique among curly willows. It would look simply fabulous planted on the back of a pond where it could dangle over the water and provide delightful reflections. You have to protect it from beavers with heavy-duty metal fencing around the trunk for at least 3ft as they would munch through the trunk in a few hours (believe me, I have seen this happen!). Hardy to Zone 5.

USES: as an ornamental specimen, cut stems for winter arrangements, also can be used to create original and unique baskets!

$14.50 per bundle of 5

We obtained this cultivar as cut stems at the Vermont Flower Show in March 2007, our first willow purchase!

'Golden Curls' in early March with the jade stemmed  'Dart's Snake' right.

The golden-red twigs twist and turn in many directions, leaves are curled too.

Female catkins appear on short stems from the twigs. Early May.

'Golden Curls' branches grow upright; but the young branches grow out and down in random fashion.

A mature specimen of 'Golden Curls' in winter and summer showing its weeping and spreading habit.

Photo courtesty of Mike McGourty


left: catkin buds on a weeping stem in late October. With green stipules at the base of the leaves.