Salix xpendulina f. erythroflexuosa ‘Caradoc’

S. babylonica f. erythroflexuosa x S. alba f. vitellina

Caradoc =  one of the Knights of the Round Table

Caradoc Curly Willow

A contorted hybrid tree with orange-yellow young stems that are passed on by genes from the Golden Willow (S. xfragilis f. vitellina). It grows 20-30ft if left unpruned and is one of the most upright selections. The foliage is bright green and is also contorted; it is less prone to die back than other twisted willows. Hardy to Zone 5. Dried rod color: yellow to dark tan

USES: A fascinating ornamental curly willow that is a great specimen plant, especially by water or a building where its shadows will make interesting patterns on a wall. We use it with other curly willows in flower arrangements and in winter containers outdoors. If coppiced regularly it will produce lots of stems for cutting.

A 5 year-old specimen in our Winter Garden with a 30ft blue Spruce behind.

A great year-round specimen tree.

Exuberant young growth from coppiced stems showing twisted stems and leaves.

Detail showing the twisted trunk, stems and leaves.

Plants in the nursery that weren’t coppiced. This shows the columnar habit and winter value. Late March.

The trunk stays this color for several years.

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New growth on 'Caradoc' is a mist of luscious pale green against the curly yellow–green stems. Early-May.

The Wonderful World of Willows

Vermont Willow Nursery

$14.50 per bundle of 5

A shot in our Winter Garden from under a Golden Weeping Willow;

in front, large groups of dogwoods that have brightly colored stems in winter. Late-July