Salix gilgiana

gilgiana = German botanist-Ernst Friedrich Gilg?

Japanese Pussy Willow

A widely spreading shrub with long graceful branches. Young stems are green and covered with fine silky hairs at first. The beautiful narrow leaves grow to nearly 6in long and are bright green above, glaucous below. The male catkins are produced in masses in March before the leaves appear and the flowers are a showy dark gray at first. Native to Japan and Korea. If not coppiced it will grow into a large wide shrub 10ft x 20ft. Hardy Zone 4.

USES: ornamental shrub as a focal point, by pools or ponds; great cut flower stems in late winter; basket making with the fine slender rods.

glaucous = bluish-green

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The Wonderful World of Willows

Vermont Willow Nursery

$12.50 per bundle of 5

sorry not


Please note!

We had to de-list this variety when we discovered that the plant we had been selling as Salix gilgiana was really a male-flowered Salix koriyanagi (BTW: 'Rubykins' is female). We had obtained mis-labelled cuttings as "gilgiana" from one nursery and three Public Gardens. We believe that this species is not present in North America. We apologize to any customers that bought this from us.