Salix x fragilis f. vitellina ‘Flame Yellow'

Yellow Flame Willow

This is not a yellow-stemmed selection of the red Flame Willow. ‘Flame Yellow' has perhaps the brightest lemon-yellow stems in summer of all willows, the rods turn orange in Autumn and red in winter. Stem color change is due to exposure sun, in the winter they get full sun and in summer the least, hence the darker color. Stem color is also brightest with hard pruning every 1-2 years. Grow in full sun to get best color, in moist or average soils. Hasn't flowered for us yet as we coppice it yearly so it doesn't get a chance to produce catkins (so we do not know if this is male or female)  Hardy to Zone 3.

USES: winter ornamental, cut stems for winter displays, it makes a spectacular hedge!

If anyone knows the history of this selection we'd love to hear about it. We'll trade a free bundle of cuttings of any willow we offer for such knowledge! We no longer believe it is related to 'Flame' red as it is much more vigorous than that selection.



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$14.50 per bundle of 5

Flame yellow in its early winter coloring; by the end of March it will turn yellow.

Photo courtesy of Larry Smart, Cornell University.

'Flame Yellow' in its August coloring.

'Flame Yellow' in late-October.

Next year's flattened flower buds evident.

By September Flame Yellow is starting to show signs of turning to its winter color.

'Flame Yellow' in early May with it's brilliant yellow coloring.

Quite a remarkable change from Winter to Summer!

'Flame Yellow' in its early winter coloring;

by the end of April it will turn yellow.

Photo courtesy of Larry Smart, Cornell University.

Some of our stock in the nursery in late April, the yellow stem color is returning.

Our stock of 'Flame Yellow' produces more and more rods every year

after regular coppicing.

left: In late April, just before the leaves appear the stems are at their yellowest. Imagine these

in containers just outside your window all winter.