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Salix x fragilis f. vitellina ‘Fransgeel Rood’)

fragilis = fragile (stems)

Fransgeel = French yellow     Rood = red

Fransgeel Red Willow

A male Dutch selection with yellow to orange branches, that turn red in winter. Stems are hairless with a waxy surface. Summer leaves broadly lanceolate to 12 cm long, dull upper-side and deep green; glossy, under-side. Rods grow 5-7ft in a year and if planted closely they are almost unbranched. Mine have red stems in winter. Hardy to Zone 3.

Dried rod color: orange to red

USES: Best if coppiced every year to get unbranched stems. A good coarse basket willow that turns orange when dried.

Two-year ‘Fransgeel Rood’ rods in the nursery with strong red stems in late March.

There are a few yellow stemmed S. xfragilis 'Basfordiana' stems interloping in the photo.

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In their first year, the bases of the rods are bright yellow in late March.

The Wonderful World of Willows

Vermont Willow Nursery

$13.50 per bundle of 5

Red twigs and leaves that are shiny on the upper surface and glaucous underneath.

Late October.

Brilliant red stems dazzle in late October and all winter. Flattened catkin buds inherited from

Salix alba.

The bases of the stems are paler due to less light, even in late October the leaves are still green.

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for Spring 2019