Salix x fragilis f. vitellina ‘Flanders Red’

fragilis = fragile (stems)

Flanders Red Willow

A selection possibly made in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking area of northern Belgium. ‘Flanders Red’ has new foliage flushed red and egg-yolk yellow stems that turn red late in the summer and stay that way all winter, so it’s red in a couple of colorful ways. This is a female selection with slender green catkins 2-3in long.Can grow into a large tree, but best if coppiced regularly to keep its colorful ways forever young.

Hardy to Zone 3.

USES: Like all xfragilis selections this is great for long rods for making heavy duty baskets and living structures.

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Brilliant red young foliage that quickly turns green.

Brilliant orange-red stems in winter make a colorful display in the nursery.

In summer the leaves shade the stems and often turn greenish-yellow,

especially on the side away from the sun. When the leaves fall in autumn

the stems turn redder, so by late winter they really dazzle!

The Wonderful World of Willows

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$13.50 per bundle of 5

Green female catkins on short stems are typical

of S. euxina x S. alba hybrids

sold out

for Spring 2019