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Salix x fragilis f. vitellina ‘Bouton Aigu’

fragilis = fragile (stems)

bouton = button    aigu = acute

Hybrid Red Willow

I don’t know much about this variety except it is a French selection. The name refers to the buds that are long and pointed. It has very slender, flexible stems making coppiced rods very useful for basket making. Will grow in poor soils as long as they are not too dry. Best if coppiced yearly as it branches. Can be cut and dried for basket making and other objet d’art. The stems turn to purple when dried. Hardy to Zone 3.

USES: Great for winter color in a vase, container or in the garden.  

A colorful first and second-year branches on a young plant in the nursery.

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Red to gold stems cut for drying

photo courtesy of Arresoe-pil willow nursery in Denmark

Current year's growth is green,

then turns gold then red.

New growth on last year's twigs.

Young growth already showing their S. xfragilis leaf shape.

The Wonderful World of Willows

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