Salix x fragilis ‘Raesfeld’  

fragilis = fragile (brittle)  

Raesfeld is a town in Germany

A vigorous selection with young red stems and probably a cross between Salix alba v. caerulea and Salix euxina. Ultimate height is not known at this time, but it will probably be a large tree. It is much better to coppice this variety to ensure an abundance of colored stems to brighten the winter landscape. Grow in full sun to get best color; in moist or wet soil. Plant with a yellow variety such as S. Xfragilis ‘Basfordiana’ to show off the color in winter to best effect. As with all large trees, do not plant near a septic system or drainage pipes. Hardy to Zone 3. Dried rod color: dark red-brown

USES: large ornamental shrub if coppiced; great winter color for the garden, container or vase.

Coppicing: click here for more information

...and red in winter

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A vigorous German selection that is admired for its colored stems, green in summer...

Clean, green stems in early summer

Red stems by mid-summer.

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