Salix triandra ‘Black Maul’ x ‘Grisette Noire’

triandra = 3 stamens

This is a cross between ‘Black Maul’ and a French selection named ‘Grisette Noire’.

I cannot find any references to this hybrid. As we learn more about this we will fill in the details.

Here is a "borrowed" description of 'Grisette Noire': This selection has survived for centuries in France and Europe. It has gorgeous dark brown/chocolate willow with long, fine, unbranched rods. Looks brilliant for forming a dark border. This variety has shorter pointed leaves than many others. New growth is a lovely rich almost black colour. These very fine rods are quite slow growing and reach 5-6’.

Grisette = a French working-class girl or young woman (not in current use?)

USES: as an ornamental shrub; useful for hedging; a valuable basketry willow; useful for living structures. Best if coppiced to produce the long, straight rods.

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Here is a male flower that appear on short growths in early summer.

Botanically this is called coetaneous = same time as.

One of the characteristics of S. triandra.

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Although they produce lots of short growths, they easily strip off for rods for basketry.

Triandras flower in early May, later than the pussy-willows, which flower in March and April.

we will add photos of the leaves in summer