Salix hybrid SV1

Hybrid Willow

NEW FOR 2017

This is a hybrid crossed at the University of Toronto's biomass breeding program a few decades ago and its parentage is unknown; it possibly includes Salix caprea, S. cinerea and S. viminalis as it is similar to S. x calodendron, S. x sericans and S. x smithiana. It is a female clone with green stigmas and hairy ovaries! The leaves are 2-3in long by 1-1.5in wide and bright green. Young shoots are brown and are covered with dense short hairs; later the stems turn green and smooth as they age. As one would expect with a biomass willow it grows fast, so stand back after you plant it as it really takes off! It grows 15-20ft tall with a 3-5ft crown spread at three years.

USES: Biofuels; makes a great screen or windbreak; rods can be used for living structures.

Information about this hybrid was supplied by Cornell University's web site Willowpedia at:

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Strongly vertical shoots are featured in this mid-October shot.

The foliage of this hybrid is still a lush green in mid-October when all the Maples are brilliant red-orange. The undersides has fine hairs and are paler.

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The female catkins are at their peak in mid-May and feature green stigmas and hairy ovaries.

Mid-October and the flower buds for next spring are almost fully developed. Because these buds are not red, this may not include Salix caprea in it's parentage.