Salix purpurea ‘Pendula’

purpurea = purple

Weeping Purple Willow

This is the weeping form of a female Purple Willow and it’s a handsome plant worthy of a space in any garden. It is often grown as a top-grafted weeping standard. Hardy Zone 3.

USES: Ornamental weeping shrub. Could be used in basketry in a pinch, but there are better varieties for that. Also great cascading over large rocks and tumbling into a pool or pond.

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below: Female catkins in various stages of development.

The Wonderful World of Willows

Vermont Willow Nursery

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'Pendula' has typical purpurea foliage, but with a weeping habit.

above and below: Two specimens of S. caprea 'Pendula' in the Waterfall Garden

of the Chicago Botanical Garden.

Top photo is a shrub not coppiced and below is coppiced, resulting in much denser growth, but not as weeping.

That will happen in the second year after coppicing!

A top-grafted specimen in the charming New Brunswick Garden in Edmunston, Canada

The trunk is the dark area, left of center.

That's their Rock Garden at right.